I can see what you are saying is a favorite saying of mine.  I have been taught that to visualize what a person is saying helps to include more senses than just your ears to listening. You have to use your imagination, which uses parts of the brain that is connected to all the senses.  If you can not visualize the impact that the government cutting the support to nonprofits to reduce the deficit will have on the non profit sector visualize. During the next disaster (God forbid)  there is only half, or even less of the support in place by FEMA, the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, United Way, the Red Cross, and numerous other agencies that jump into action when called to service.

When reading this article, http://www.councilofnonprofits.org/news/nonprofit-knowledge-matters/nonprofit-knowledge-matters-protecting-charitable-incentive  . I know now that I can make a difference.My voice need to be heard.  Just talking about the debit cuts among others is not enough., I must address my concerns to those who have the power to make a difference like writing my congressman, governor, or see if I can help by signing protest letters. Our non-profit organizations are needed by too many areas of our lives to take a drastic cut.

The article shows how it will be easier for government to cut money that has not being put to use on a steady daily basis, faster than one that has a yearly budget than reflect where every dollar is needed and will be spent.


I volunteer!

Yolanda Harris

 October 25, 2011


 Volunteer Blog


I thought I was the third type of a volunteer that is mentioned in the book, (Non profit Management  Principals and Practices p. 198), but now I realized I have been volunteering all my life. Even though Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs( Non profit Management  Principals and Practices p. 190) think that human  motivation  affect their degree of getting their needs met, I am more spiritual minded than that. Regardless of my situation, I have always been one to help others. The outlook upon life given to me by my mother  “it is better to give than to receive”, has been within me since I can remember. At my neighborhood organization,  I am the videographer, at the Ministry I attend,  I am the one to open the doors and have the place ready,  at my work I volunteer to do jobs that are not required of me, and I ask to keep my grandchildren often to allow my kids to get a break every now and then, just to name a few of my voluntary acts. I looked at the many city wide volunteer sites and was amazed at the different areas that interested me.  From reading to children at my grand child’s school, to being an usher at the Playhouse on the Square, to going back to the hospital that took care of my mother . 

I signed up to volunteer at the elementary school of my grand daughter Jada.  I talked to the principal and she agreed that it would be fine, as long as I worked out a schedule with the teacher first. I am going to bring my new tablet computer to her class and let it read to them.  I think this will be so exciting to the class. The book comes alive with the sounds of wild animals and things , it’s bright colorful pictures, and the book’s narrator  voice tones. I know all of this will keep them interested way better than I ever could. Who knows, I might take this further and do it on a regular basis at other children facilities.

 The first adventure of volunteering where I will have to fill out an official form will be I hope with the Playhouse on the Square. It was easy to get information about the program, because the contact information was in several different links within the site.  I had to register at www.volunteermidsouth.org  first to be considered, then I had to do an orientation. I could do the orientation in person, or on-line.   I chose on-line because of my work and school schedule. The website was easy to access, and answered  every question that was presented to us from the assignment.  The name of the organization and the mission statement was easy to find,

Welcome to Volunteer Mid-South

Volunteer Mid-South is at the heart of volunteering, building capacity for effective volunteering and connecting people with opportunities to serve throughout Memphis and ShelbyCounty.

  Our mission is to develop, promote and support volunteerism.

 We work with nonprofits, churches, schools, corporations, and other groups that engage volunteers to make community programs stronger (www.volunteermidsouth.org).

  Playhouse on the Square ,http://www.playhouseonthesquare.org/ is the organization that will notify me if the assignment is mines or not. They are a partner agency with the Volunteer Midsouth Organization. They offer many different forms of volunteering arenas; individual , group, or flexible volunteering.  I chose to do the flex first, since I was relatively new at volunteering at this level..  I hope if time permits I will get involved in all areas eventually.  I chose to be an usher at the Ballet presentation of “2 B Loved”.  If selected, it will be this Thursday, October  27th, from 6 o’clock p.m. to 10 o’clock p.m., and then again on Sunday October 30th, from 1o’clock p.m.- 4:30 p.m. I want to bring my family to Sunday’s performance.  I was moved to this volunteer assignment for two reasons; my son’s nickname is Beloved, and I have always wanted my car tags to read  2Beloved.  How bizarre is that? They do have a dress code that I have to meet but no special training is necessary.  I will help pass out programs, usher patrons to their seats and then have the chance to enjoy the show. The location and the time were perfect. I am familiar with the Circuit Playhouse (the same as Playhouse on the Square) because as a teen I would do skits with other classmates for extra credit there for headstart and elementary students. Who would have guessed that 30 years later I would be back there again volunteering.

  I   went next to see what volunteer opportunities were at the hospitals (she was at almost everyone in the tri-state area), that took care of my mother when she was diagnosed with congested heart failure. I chose to help Saint Francis Hospital in MemphisTN.  I was often there seeing different people come and go that seen after her, because I couldn’t be there until after I got off work, and then I could only assist for a few hours. They had to do everything for her, and they even did things for me. Often they went above and beyond the call of duty. I know it was their job, but I felt the genuine care for her from a lot of the staff.  I went to the Hospital’s web-site,http://www.saintfrancishosp.com this time everything was not readily available on the site that was asked for in this assignment, as a matter of fact the application link VOLUNTEERAPPLICATION032009.doc was a little too personal.   This may be because this facility operates on a very high level of privacy, and with patients that may have special needs like those mentioned in the book (Non profit Management Principals and Practices p. 201). The contact information; Linda Knight, Manager of Volunteer Services (linda.knight@tenethealth.com), and the mission statement http://www.saintfrancishosp.com/en-us/cwsapps/qcommitment.aspx were easily accessible on the web-site. I am still going to volunteer there, even though I think they are asking for too must information.  Once I talk to the manager I will blog about that experience also.

I hope these volunteer projects evolve into experiences that will be lasting. Not only to me but my entire family, because it has really opened my eyes to check out volunteering. I now want to go to places outside of my normal living situations, to places and people that I would never come into contact with, if  I not had volunteered.

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I think that blogging is something new and good  for those that has a lot to say, and a free and easy way to do it.  I will look into this new communication technology  for my family reunion info site for the family members that are out of town.

I like Obama’s agenda! 

I fit in a lot of the areas that our President feel needs help. I am a single mother, college student, low-income citizen, technical manufactory worker, future entrepreneur, African- American. I know there are more that can, and should be added, (unemployed at one time) but you all can get the point. I need to know that the years to come will benefit me in the long term goals I have set for myself.  I ask myself, will this nation be worth bettering one’s self, or should I just throw in the towel now and realize there is no hope for a future for me, my child, and maybe not even my grandchildren. I don’t want to be rich; I just want to live comfortable without having so many worries about how I am going to pay my bills while I do live life.

On Thursday, Sept.8, 2011, I listened to our President carefully, as he gave his 2012 budget plan, which he calls the American Job Act (http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/09/08/president-obama-presents-american-jobs-act-enhanced-version). I hope what he say he mean with all of my heart, but parts of me have started to wonder if it is at all possible for this nation to come together to regain there status as a debt free or low debt  nation.  His speeches sometime seem so well rehearsed, as if it was given to him to say with a gun to his back, but most of the times I think he really feel the pains of Americans, especially the low-income workers that want to be treated like the taxpaying citizens we are, who are waiting for the government to do right by us for a change. I know our country is in a horrible bind, and just like it took many years for us to get in this bind it is going to take just as many to get out. Most of the steps the President is taking seem to me to be the right ones, like the review of the government regulations, not to have any more than required.  Extending his hand of peace to the Republicans that feel that separation is still necessary between them and the Democrats in this day and time. Removing tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations, and adding tax breaks for companies that hire workers that have been unemployed.

The World has changed so since I was born in the 1960’s that it doesn’t even mirror itself say if I went back 40-50 years ago. My grand children all have some type of computer gadget, and know how to use them well, but my father has never been on a computer in his life.  We need to bridge the gaps and embrace all three generations so that the quality of life for us all does not diminish, but can be seen as the purpose that was intended in the beginning, full. We all must make our contributions. Those that has paid their dues (my father was a member of the IBEW all his life), those still paying (I volunteer at different non-profit organizations), and those that have yet to begun to pay (my grandchildren enjoy their public school). Filling the generation gaps with the knowledge needed so that we as a nation do not leave any group of people unattended will not only effect our lives, but I think with all people doing what is right, we can change the Universe.

 President Obama seems to be a just man and has used his cabinet of workers well.  I believe that his cabinet has done more probing of the system, and where there need to be cuts, and where there need not be any than any President ever. Maybe this is mainly because he does have to prove himself, because if you say it or not, being a man of color he has to worker extremely harder at his job.  He shows confidence at times but I can also see that he needs a little help from everyone to back him up. I think the American Job Act is a great bill, but is it rational to Congress? Will Congress see that in ten years our nation can be with a declining deficit instead of an increasing one? Will Congress leave things as they are merely to see a man fell, or is fixing the troubles of our nation truly the interest of all people involved?

 If we were to shine the light on the subject matter and see honestly where our problems began, we would see that it was when we allowed the rich to get richer, and the poor to stay that way. Then we went a bit further and allowed import and export tax breaks, to bring in business, but when it was no longer necessary for this tax break we continued anyway and started to see a loss instead of the gain that the break was intended for in the beginning.

I think us as a whole want to stop seeing the decline of the great U.S. of A and see again the day were there was 5 day work weeks, weekends with the family, and good old Mama’s apple pie.

This is my Blog. I hope this is what is expected